Digital Marketing Technology Trends in 2020

Artur Shepel
on March 23, 2020
9 min read

Currently, Digital advertising trends are changing every single day, and entrepreneurs know that. You have to go out of the box and think innovatively to beat competitors and to reach a whole new audience in order to grow and survive. The reason it changes so rapidly is that its fundamentals are built on technology and people’s preference, which changes or evolves all the time. Well, that’s a great thing and sometimes a negative as well. Anyhow, you have to stay relevant to grow and expand your business, and that is why knowing the new trends in advertising becomes so important.

So what’s really will work best for your small business in 2020? Honestly, there are so many options out there that can easily overwhelm you, but we’ll make it easier for you to choose. We got you covered with key factors that will help you stay up-to-date, so your campaigns remain effective, and you win more customers.

Here’s our top pick up for Digital Marketing Tecnology Trends in 2020

Artificial Intelligence Will Be the Key

In 2018, AI pulled its weight in digital marketing, and now it’s already powering customer segmentation, push notification, retargeting, click tracking, and even creating content!

As machines are working like humans, artificial intelligence is transforming dozens of industries the way brands do business. When it comes to digital marketing, it’s changing the way brands connect with their audiences.

According to the report of MarketingProfs, businesses that make use of AI will see:

  • 59% better close rates
  • 58% increased revenue
  • 54% more traffic and engagement
  • 52% more conversions

If you did not realize the importance of AI yet, NOW it’s the time for you to wake up to the dominance of AI as it is going to be the heart of global business in the future.

Facebook Messenger & Chatbot Marketing

Chatbots are typically a part of AI that has been around for a while. The chatbots have the potential to convert cold traffic into paying customers without the need for human intervention. It’s absolutely a wrong decision if you’re not offering your visitors this service. Their appearance is quite necessary, especially when visitors want to know about some common queries in real-time.

Facebook messenger provides endless marketing opportunities. It’s true that it has not entirely grown yet, but you can reshape the way customers will shop, book tickets, and connect with you.

Did You Know? Facebook Messenger has over 1.3 billion monthly active users. As a business owner, who doesn’t want to go where the people already are? It’s the primary reason for using this platform as a marketing strategy. Here’s what Facebook Messenger marketing can do for your business

  • Book appointments much easier with smart Facebook
  • Use Chat BOTS to get feedback and ratings
  • Grow your sales within conversations because people are just more likely to chat with you over messenger
  • Build trust because it’s a one-of-a-kind connection with your customer
  • Automate your business activity through chat BOTS

According to business insider, 80% of businesses are going to be using the chat BOTS. If you executed well, it has the potential to give your marketing campaign a massive edge over your competitors. Since Facebook Messenger marketing and chat BOTS are really still developing, it’s a smart idea to use it to stay ahead of your game and being the driver’s seat in the upcoming years.

By the way, if you are considering hiring a marketing manager, read our guide Skill That Any Marketer Should Have Right Now.

Omnichannel Marketing

Today, buyers are more cautious and experienced than ever and find their information through many platforms. Initially, multichannel marketing was used to allow prospects to communicate with businesses through different channels like Twitter and Facebook ads. But even when multichannel marketing was a step up from single-channel marketing, it didn’t solve all problems of consumers.

That’s why, in 2020, people prefer Omnichannel marketing because it provides a seamless and consistent communication process. It’s an integrated shopping experience allowing buyers to shop online from a desktop, mobile device, or even in a brick-and-mortar store. So if you’re running an e-commerce website, you must consider your business mobile application as well.

Interactive content

When it comes to creating an effective marketing campaign, you really can’t deny the fact that “Content is Still King.” It doesn’t even matter what type of content this is as long as it either educates, solves a problem, or entertains.

The right content strategy can actually do even more than you expect. With the rise of interactive marketing content, your customers can do much more than just consume your static content. Your prospects can actually get involved with it, whether it’s taking a poll answering, a quiz, or participating in a challenge. This gives your business more engagement, which means more views, and leads to more brand awareness. You can add interactivity to your email marketing, as it is still the number one best way to expand your business even in 2020.


Advertising on podcasts can be a fantastic way to reach new targeted people based on their interests. What can be more fortunate if you can get the hosts who they already trust to talk about your business? As a result, the trust they have in those hosts are going to be transferred right on to you.

Remember, this tip is not just about podcasts. Music streaming services like Spotify have not only provided access to millions of songs and content from artists, but it’s also made a fantastic platform for audio marketing. The brand has launched a self-service advertising platform called Spotify ad studio. It makes it easy for people to create and manage Spotify audio ad campaigns. It focuses on small to medium-sized businesses that are basically just looking to expand. You can just give them a script, and Spotify will put a voiceover and music with it, and you can also add a clickable custom image that’s displayed right on the screen.

You can use Spotify to target customers based on age, gender, and listening preferences. Now that goes for music, which is a bit harder to target. But you can target the audience based on the podcast categories they like to listen to. Now, that makes it a little easier actually to find what they’re interested in. So think about what kind of podcasts that your audience might listen to. We are sure that podcasts will continue to become even more mainstream into 2020, and it’s a great time to grab most of it NOW.

Videos Will Rule

With platforms like Netflix, YouTube, Amazon Prime Video, Facebook Live, video is a big trend that will continue to grow in 2020.

Cisco report state that 82% of internet traffic will be through video by 2021. But you don’t have to wait till 2021, right? You can start taking advantage of the trend right now by making innovative and user engaging animations to win them.

Video marketing can give businesses countless benefits and improve their conversion rates. Video marketing is growing rapidly since 2018 as customers respond well to it because it simply makes customers buy from you. Moreover, you can convey a lot more information than text, i.e., EMOTIONS. So videos can get people motivated and excited to work with you or buy from you way more than any written words. Since there are plenty of smart tools available in the market, it has become easier to create superior video content that gives you quick sales.

There are two popular video content marketing techniques right now.

Branded Videos:

Branded videos are basically just educational or narrative-driven. With branded content, you can take advantage of all the benefits the video has to offer because it’s engaging and delivers tons of information in a short time. Also, it increases conversions and videos are simply more appealing than standard text. People will associate your brand with a helpful, how-to, or entertaining behind the scenes. They see how you do, what you do, and they’ll remember you for it!

Live Videos

Live videos are simply blowing up right now because they can just be really interactive. You can invite an audience to participate and join in, and some take part in the conversation. They are ideal for relationship building as you can go live on your Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube, and this really connects you with your followers or potential customers in real-time. Furthermore, one really cool thing about this is that when you go live, you can actually simulcast at the same time on multiple social platforms, which could generate a whole lot of engagement. You can use video content to make webinars, how-to videos, business promotions, and that’s just the beginning of what’s possible here.

You can also repurpose this into a blog post or a shorter video as there are endless possibilities when it comes to video content. It simply enables you to grow even bigger.

Do You Know? Amazon is coming out with live streaming too. It means that if you have products out there, you will have the ability to run live streams on Amazon to reach shoppers in real-time.

Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality

Augmented reality shows objects in a real-life setting. It allows people to add objects or items of their choice into an environment and see how it will look like when the purpose included in it.

Virtual reality creates entirely new technology in marketing. Users can have a complete experience without even moving or setting a step outside their homes. Both AR and VR can be used in business for marketing purposes.
Think how powerful will your marketing be if your buyers can test your product right before making any commitment? Both of these new technologies in marketing have been increasing in usage over the years. 48.1 million Americans experienced augmented reality at least once per month in 2018-19, according to eMarketer. That figure is expected to increase to more than 55.4 million in 2020.

So How’s Your Digital Strategy Going?

If you follow up on the trends mentioned above, then we guarantee you’re going to win thousands of new customers in no time. The right marketing campaign can make a huge difference. Contact the Deventor team for more information.

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