Edtech Startup Ideas: Investing In a Market on the Rise

The malicious attack of the global pandemic became a curse for some sectors of the economy and a powerful booster for others. Yet, no sphere stayed unaffected, having to adopt novel approaches conditioned by the COVID-afflicted reality. This shift of modus operandi largely boils down to a digitalization drive with entire industries going remote. Education is taking imminent changes in its stride, manifesting the most significant growing pattern of ushering specialized software.


In such conditions, edtech startup ideas form an attractive investment niche that is sure to bring steady revenues for years to come.

A Promising Landscape for Edtech Startups

Even for a budding entrepreneur, it is evident that before embarking on the implementation of any tech project’s ideas you should take stock of the lay of the land you want to conquer. As far as e-learning is concerned, the picture is remarkably optimistic.  New educational technologies are making a robust advent into the learning process at all levels – from kindergartens and junior schools to colleges and universities. Such ubiquity accounts for the huge size of the global e-learning market that is expected to top $243 billion next year. A fair share of this amount belongs to mobile educational apps that on the App Store alone number more than 200,000 with a total worth of $37 billion.  With such beckoning prospects in view, it is no wonder that business people jostle to invest ever-increasing sums in edtech industry, offbeat edtech ideas, and companies that develop them. While global financing the former approached $19 billion in the last pre-COVID year, investment into the latter differs from country to country significantly, displaying three-digit figures in the UK and France, for instance.


And the expenditures pay off, having yielded the breathtaking $6.5 billion in 2019 for mobile edtech products only – a figure that is likely to grow up to $7 billion by the end of the next year. However tempting e-learning financial vistas may look, it is important to realize that only the best education apps and tools are doomed to success. Moreover, to become popular with the users any edtech startup idea must stay abreast of current trendsetters in the industry.

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Edtech Ideas: Staying Trendy on the Technological Frontier

When can technology for the classroom succeed? It is sure to happen when it benefits both educators and students, making the learning process interactive and fun. We offer a list of marketable technological business ideas that – when properly implemented – will pave the way to the financial bonanza of your startup.

1. Software for Special Children

Children with physical and psychic disabilities need a specific approach to education. Some of them can study only from home, others require peculiar methods and learning techniques to master a subject or acquire some knowledge and skills in view of their dyslexia, ADHD, or autism. Parents and teachers all over the world struggle to bring quality education to handicapped students and the newest technology in the classroom can be of great help in this respect. Here, technological project ideas have a vast field of application – from using motion sensors that will provide adaptive kinematic learning and teach special kinds to be self-reliant to introducing platforms for real-time remote studying. Capitalizing on these technology business ideas, you will not only launch a lucrative business but will take upon yourself an important social commitment.

2. Augmented Reality Projects

This is the second incredible edtech startup idea. As the stunning success of Pokémon GO has shown, AR technology is a disruptive innovation that thrills its users with life-like virtual features and adventures. But employing it only for games seems to be a waste of a powerful tool. By involving AR in education, you will be able to furnish a hands-on and in-depth interactive learning experience helping both to bring scientific concepts to life and retain students’ attention during the class. The immersive participation AR provides can be especially instrumental in teaching about “untouchable things”, such as the universe, the Earth’s structure, human physiology, etc.

3. Taking Games Seriously

Gaming long ago stopped being viewed as a purely entertaining activity and its instructive power is recognized by scientists all over the world. Realizing the huge learning potential of e-games, teachers increasingly involve them in the education process.


So gamification is a very promising edtech startup idea that can help students learn a complex subject in a fun and interactive way, providing them with challenges relevant to their age and starting level of proficiency in a subject or topic.

4. Leveraging Visualization Techniques

This is yet another field where visual capacities of learning are utilized to the full. For many students (especially for younger ones), reading long texts is boring and ineffective as a way of obtaining information. By contrast, visualizing concepts and technology business idea is a great way to keep the pot of interest boiling, enhance memory retention, and flatten the learning curve. So thinking about education app ideas for students, you should exploit this facility hook, line, and sinker, and modern AI technologies provide all opportunities for it.

5. Broadening Course Selection Opportunities

Choosing a career is one of the most important steps a person takes in their life. Involving IT potential to help students with the choice is called to streamline the selection procedure by offering teenagers to answer a set of questions. The received responses allow the AI to define a field and even a major that matches the person’s interests and inclinations.

6. Streamlining the Choice of University

For senior high school students, it is vital not only to realize their career preferences but also to find a University that will provide high-quality instruction and training in that field. You can help them to do it by building a software product that will furnish recommendations as to the choice of a University that would be the best fit for a certain student with their academic record, interests, and background. Moreover, such tools can provide additional services to students, like preparing entrance documentation or writing essays. Projects of this kind are rather complex ventures necessitating the implementation of machine learning and big data technologies. Yet, they are sure to be marketable in the world where one out of three graduates reports landing a mismatched job.

7. Helping Teachers to Market Their Achievements

Edtech is not only about making students’ life easier and more fun. It is also called to provide teachers with additional opportunities to create their own courses or tailor the existing ones to their personal tastes and aims. Moreover, startups can develop platforms that will allow educators to collect their courses in one portfolio to be shared with the global community of teachers. Thus, e-learning furnishes an excellent chance for the professional growth of teachers via establishing contact with their peers all over the world and exchanging content and experience.

8. Developing Platforms for Teaching Specific Subjects

There will ever be a great demand for deepening one’s proficiency and honing skills in math, science, computer studies, arts, and other fields taught at schools and universities.


The globalization trend has prioritized another subject-specific sector – mastering foreign languages. Therefore, startups whose products render such services are never going to feel the lack of eager users ready to pay for educational tools of that kind.

9. Employing a Robotic Camera at Online Classes

Live classes have become a routine practice in contemporary remote education. But augmenting the learning experience with benefits that a robotic camera with motion sensors grants is still an offbeat technology. Able to move all over the classroom, this smart device creates a staggering participation effect for students who can thus follow the teacher from anywhere on Earth without feeling that any distance separates them.

10. App for tracking students’ progress

There are always difficulties for schools and universities to select who are best performers and well attentive. Such a new technology in education will assist teachers in monitoring the performance of the students in studies and other extracurricular activities.

Thanks to new educational technologies like students’ progress tracking teachers will be able to track the entire development of the students and thus they will properly allocate the grades. Also, the same app can be used for both learning and student-teacher interaction.

If you will include all the above-mentioned offerings in your app, it will be highly acclaimed by students & teachers.

11. Online education summits and fairs

Another great idea that could become one of the education technology trends is holding education fairs and summits online.

Students from colleges as well as universities are able to engage from a single platform.

Edtechnology business ideas like these open wider opportunities for students from outlying locations. Besides, the institutes can also interact with various groups of students.

Actually, there is a little amount of similar education startup ideas.

Moreover, due to the current terms and considering trends in educational technology, the resources like this are needed as well as possibilities to prepare better.

12. eBook learning app

We all know that book reading has its own therapeutic influence. But taking books from libraries is an outdated way of finding them. Students are choosing eBooks that are possible to be found in the mobile application.

An application for eBook learning allows students to read and learn anything at any time, thus making eBooks one of the most prospective education business ideas. Students can download the app and take it wherever they want. They also can do bookmark and highlight lines on their reading page to be able to find the information quickly or check it out later. Such ed tech startup idea will definitely gain popularity.


E-learning is a vibrant field expected to increase at over 8% CAGR within the next five years. Such prospects make it an appealing investment field for any startup.

From the point of view of the investors, edtech is here to stay. Because education was lagging behind other sectors, both public and private, now it is ready to blow up traditional education in a big way, as well as fintech is poised to disrupt the banking system. As for investors, they are striving not only the reach and education quality, but also to be on the ground floor of this revolution profit-wise.

However, you would never be able to succeed in it unless you have a top-notch product to offer to a wide audience of students. The seasoned specialists of Deventor have sufficient expertise and experience to tackle this job and create a first-rate product at a reasonable price, which is sure to land you in the black.

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