Outsourcing Development: 5 Factors to Consider

Artur Shepel
on March 11, 2020
3 min read

Are you searching for the perfect development team? It’s easy to find a team willing to handle your work but choosing the right one is a bit more challenging. Thankfully, several strategies can make the process a bit easier. Consider the five factors below when making a decision on an outsourcing company.

Consider Geographic Location

Before you start searching for an outsourced development team, consider where in the world that search will take place. There are thousands and thousands of organizations across the globe in areas ranging from the United States to China, Latin America, India, Ukraine, and more.

Communication is essential so a team in a similar time zone can be a good choice. However, you should also consider proximity to your business, offshore versus nearshore options, cultural compatibility, and more.

Prioritize Price vs. Quality

The reality is that you can’t get the best work for the lowest price, so you end up needing to prioritize one over the other. While quality and price can vary, many vendors are price first or quality first teams. Price first teams will have a fixed-bid quote and be focuses on transactions, while quality first teams are going to be more concerned with what you need and ensuring that happens.

Quality first vendors are likely going to be more expensive, but they are also typically going to produce better work. It’s your decision, but most people should spend a bit more for a higher-quality level of work.

Ask Questions That Matter

Every outsourcing company will have strengths and weaknesses. It can be hard to determine what those are without asking some questions. We recommend asking things like:

  • What is your software development approach?
  • What experience do you have outsourcing services and projects with companies like mine?
  • What are the most significant risks in outsourcing services and how do you manage those risks?
  • What strengths do you have that your competitors do not have?

Consider Visiting the Team in Person

It may not be possible, but if you can, visit the establishment in person. It can be an excellent way to see how a team works together and will handle your own project. If you choose to do this, you may only need to take a day or two away from your job. This is long enough to offer an idea of the location, the physical infrastructure available, and how committed the leadership team is to the work that is being done.

Decide and Then Communicate

Even after you choose the right team and sign all the appropriate documents, remember that the job isn’t over. You’ll need to communicate throughout the process to ensure you get the project that you want at the level you desire. Communicating remotely can be challenging, but it’s crucial to find a method that works for you and keep in touch as often as possible.

While you’re searching for an outsourcing company, take these five factors into account, and you will be sure to come up with a winning answer to your needs.

When you’re ready to find out what your options are, Deventor is here to help. Contact us to ask questions or get a free quote for your project.

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