What Is the Most Efficient Way to Hire Vue.js Developers?

Nowadays, Vue.js is one of the most popular JavaScript frameworks, so many companies are looking for developers that have vast experience in using it.  If you want to know how to hire vuejs developers who would work on the user interface of your web project, then you are in luck! To help you in meeting this exhausting and time-consuming challenge, our specialists have arranged a comprehensive guide on how to find competent and skilled Vue.js developers.! Keep in mind that their level of professional expertise will directly influence how long it would take to complete the development of your project’s UI as well as its quality. Therefore, we are sure that these tips based on our experience will save a lot of your time and resources! Thus, feel free to use this guide to assemble a dream-team of front-end developers on your own quickly and easily!

Where to Find a Capable Vue JS Developer?

If you want to be sure that you have made the correct choice and hired the perfect person for the job, you need to start with figuring out where to find a developer. There are many websites and recruiting agencies on the market today, but you need to remember you shouldn’t take any of their promises for granted. For instance, if you are completely unaware of what you have to focus on when looking for vue developers, you will undoubtedly become an easy target for scammers and waste a lot of time and money.  Thus, the most sensible decision would be to learn as much as you can about the current situation on the job market by yourself. By studying various offers and a considerable number of resumes, you will be able to determine what qualities you have to look for in your potential candidate. However, what are the best sources you can use for acquiring such information? So, let us begin our guide by pointing out the most suitable recruitment platforms you can use to find vue developers!

Freelance websites

There are a lot of IT specialists who prefer to work as a freelancer. It gives them the freedom to make their own decisions and avoid giving a considerable part of their earnings to various intermediaries. Certainly, vue developers are not an exception. Thus, it is a perfect place for you to learn what skills, knowledge, and abilities a professional vue js developer should have. Moreover, all freelance websites have a well-thought-out reputation system, which helps companies filter the candidates’ resumes according to their qualifications and accomplishments. By doing this, you will save a substantial amount of time and effort and probably find a developer whose knowledge and experience can satisfy your requirements!

Talking about the average Vue.js developer salary, it should be noted that it is commensurate with Javascript developer’s one. In USA Javascript developer earns about $109,661 per year. But in case you are determined to hire a Vue.js freelancer, you should take into account that his/her rates range from $15-$100 per hour. Nevertheless, there are many factors that influence the salary, such as the developer’s experience and location developer based.

Recruitment agencies

If you don’t want to spend numerous hours searching for the information you need, you can sign a contract with a recruitment agency to provide you the resumes they have. This way, you will easily receive the data you want. Alternatively, you can ask for their help to find Viejs developers for hire and wait for the results without spending much effort looking for the candidates by yourself. However, such agencies’ services are usually expensively priced, and sometimes you would have to waste your time searching for a specific one that you can trust. Besides, you can’t be sure that the staff members of the agency that you have decided to work with will put the benefit of your business over their own.

Specialized IT companies

Today many IT companies on the market can help you to find any software development specialist quickly and for an affordable price. Moreover, their staff members can assess properly the level of expertise of each individual that wants to work on your project. You can trust their testing methodology as a professional and experienced software developer reviews each assignment after its completion. Moreover, the employees of the already mentioned companies can understand every technical detail your project has, which allows them to find candidates with the most suitable skillset. Thus, we consider it to be the most practical, quick, and inexpensive way to hire Vue.js developers that you will be delighted to work with within the long term. However, you still need to be careful and check the reputation of each company you are interested in before investing in its services.


More and more recruiters are using alternative opportunities of finding developers, but often disregard asking their network for referrals. Your existing team members might know someone with a vast experience in Vue.js.

Our advice is to encourage your team to refer developers they know who could suit the vacancy. Ensure providing all details about the job, including the project’s role requirements. Thus they can filter and recommend appropriate candidates.

Social media

People use social media networks to contact their friends, post updates, or simply find job opportunities. LinkedIn is one of the platforms that effectively unifies socials and work.

Although LinkedIn is not a recruitment site itself, it’s helpful enough to allow you quickly search and filter for the appropriate candidates. Only using the search bar for typing Vue.js developers will help you to yield hundreds of possible candidates in your area.

LinkedIn’s Premium Recruiter Lite will definitely provide you with more features for the recruitment process.

How to Hire Top Vue.js Developers: Top Tips

Select only Vue.js who has the most crucial skills

First of all, your candidates need to be experienced in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Also, ensure they have expertise with new standards for JS, such as ES6, ES7. Your developers should be aware of the basics of a programming language like Vue and a JS library jQuery.

Take into account Vue.js developers’ soft skills

You always need to remember that dedicated Vue coders contact with their coworkers and always improve their skills.

Give relevant benefits to your Vue.js developers

Due to the quarantine terms, it became necessary to provide employees with a flexible working schedule. That is why you should let your Vue developers work come to the office only a couple of times a week or even work remotely.

Compare the Vue.js market of different countries

It may be costly and difficult to hire in-house Vue developers in your country. The reason is a great demand for them.

What Previous Experience and Skills a Competent Vue JS Developer Should Have?

soft skills

Since you have discovered where to look for Vue.js developers, you have to learn how to evaluate their skills and experience properly. Thus, we decided to summarize the most important qualities you should focus on while selecting the future member of your team.

The skills every professional vue js developer should have:

  • be proficient with both HTML and CSS
  • have an in-depth comprehension of a traditional and modern JavaScript
  • know how to use Git
  • to be an experienced user of NPM or Yarn
  • be an expert in using Vue programming language and Vue CLI

Read also: Software Developer Levels: How to Obtain the Right Talent?

Now you know what skills are essential for a Vue.js developer. But what about their professional experience? Here are some tips on how to figure out what you should pay attention to if you want to analyze the career path of an applicant that caught your interest.

To analyze the work experience of a Vue.js developer successfully, you should:

  • find out as much information as you can about the previous places of employment,
  • inquire about the reasons that made them leave the last company they have worked in,
  • ask the applicants to define the duties they had at the previous workplace,
  • have a carefully prepared test that will show their true potential and level of expertise at the same time

These are some of the most straightforward suggestions you can use for the aforementioned purpose. If you have any questions or want us to provide a more detailed explanation of any of them, do not hesitate to contact us!

How to Prepare for an Interview With a Vue.js Developer?

interview of the candidate

After the candidates you wish to offer a position in your company have successfully finished their testing assignment, it is time to interview them to make a final decision.

Here are the preparations you have to make before interview vue developer:

  • carefully select the questions that you are going to ask during the interview,
  • maintain the balance between the number of practical and personal questions,
  • make the rough outline for each part of the interview,
  • stay on topic and clarify everything that you haven’t understood in the responses of the candidate,
  • find an experienced and capable recruiter to help you with the preparations and the process

How to Make the Final Decision?

So, what factors do you have to keep in mind while making a final decision? As its result would directly affect the amount of time and cost of completing your project, you must choose your future employee wisely.

Thus, let us clarify what you need to consider to ensure that you will not regret your choice in the future!

  • candidates’ work ethic,
  • how passionate they are about their job,
  • their skill level and previous experience,
  • what personality traits do they have,
  • how motivated they are to work for your company


We are sure that with our help you will be able to hire the most competent Vue.js developer! However, we can offer you an excellent opportunity to find a perfect candidate easily!  Our HR and software development specialists will complete this exhausting task for you! Don’t miss the chance to get a team of experienced and skilled professionals that will work on the completion of your project for a reasonable price! Just contact us and we will make sure that you wouldn’t regret using our services!

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