How to Hire Python Developers

Python is among the most actively used and demanded programming languages out there. It’s powerful enough and equally great for developing web applications, desktop solutions, advanced products based on AI and other tech, and so on. Statistics indicate that in 2020, Python was used by as much as 41.6% of software developers all around the globe.

Most used languages


And now, let’s see what you need to know to hire Python developers.

What Do Python Web developers Do For Your Business?

  1. Enhancement of the already existing system’s functionality
  2. Integration of the elements that are developed by the front end team with server-side logic
  3. Optimization, maintenance, and debugging. Because there is no need to employ a development company for such tasks.
  4. Writing reusable and effective code (and certainly, it’s testing)
  5. Server-side platforms development
  6. Implementation of security and data protection measures
  7. Working with databases and setting up them

Where to Find Python Developers?

The most common way to hire a Python developer is to search for either a software company in Google or for freelancers through job search engines. Ultimately, in advance, you should consider:

  • what scope of budget you have in hand;
  • can you recruit a specialist by yourself?
  • how soon do you need to get new labor resources?

Given the sheer number of available developers, finding a suitable candidate is not easy. You must have a clear idea of your ultimate goals and be able to convey your vision clearly to the team of specialists. This way, you can focus on the developers with the right skills. But let’s dive deeper into the nuances of hiring a Python developer.

In-house or freelance

Hiring a full-time in-house employee and freelancer requires different recruitment and workflow approaches as well as formats of interaction. An in-house developer should be properly recruited (ideally, with the help of a dedicated recruiter), integrated into your company or project’s ecosystem, and provided with a workplace (if needed), long-term (usually) job deal, and a regular salary. That said, the sole process of hiring full-time specialists results in lots of bureaucracy and extra costs. On the other hand, Python freelance developers, as a rule, are cheaper to hire, freelance Python coder salary is less and they have no extra expectations regarding their role in your company or project, python freelancer doesn’t need to be recruited as such (a good freelance market reputation and portfolio should be enough), and get paid only as long as they do real-time work. However, freelancers are usually quite narrow-profiled specialists and you may even come across some that may lack certain qualifications in their line of work. That’s why the most cost-efficient and long-term fruitful way to get the required specialist is to contact a specialized company that has a well-prepared staff of professionals to offer.

Hiring a software development company

Yes, hiring a software company is more expensive than hiring a freelancer. But when it comes to a serious, ambitious, custom project, how much budget should you save on its implementation? Entrusting the development to a seasoned team of professionals, you can be sure to get a high-quality product free of bugs and amateur mistakes. On top of that, the development company has a streamlined production process that requires almost no personal intervention on your part. At Deventor, we work on software projects of any scale, purpose, and complexity and we will gladly help you implement a product of the highest quality.

How much does it cost to hire a Python dev?

Rates of Python specialists depend on their working experience, level of English, level of coder’s qualification, the complexity of your project, and even a specialist’s location of work. Commonly, the numbers range from $25 to $100 per man-hour, varying from country to country and experience (it’s clear that entry-level python developer salary and junior python developer salary is less than senior python developer’s salary). For instance, in Poland and Brazil, it may easily jump $25-100 per man-hour while in Ukraine, Argentina, and India – $25-50, and in Philipines – $50-100.

Python Developer Rates


What Skills are Crucial for a Python Developer?

Now, let’s take a look at what it takes for a programmer to call themselves a true Python specialist.

Skills required for an entry-level Python developer

A junior Python developer usually has no more than 2 years of coding experience. At the initial level of Python programming, the basic required skills include:

  • common knowledge of the Python syntax;
  • data structures knowledge;
  • basic skills in CVS;
  • basic knowledge of SQL;
  • experience of working with any existing software framework.

Entry-level python developer jobs include creating a simple web application. A good thing is when a candidate already has a finished Python project under their belt. An example of work can be a program that reads CSV files.

Skills required for a mid-level Python developer

Development experience for the intermediate level should be from 3 to 6 years. At the middle level, the developer should possess:

  • consistent object-oriented programming expertise;
  • experience in creating Python-based big data software solutions;
  • experience in creating and maintaining open-source eCommerce platforms.

Skills required for a senior Python developer

As for the senior Python developer, his/her programming experience must be at least 6 years. The following Python skills are usually required from a senior developer:

  • an ability to code complex Python-based logic;
  • knowledge of JavaScript, HTML5, and CSS3;
  • savviness in object-relational mapping (ORM) libraries;
  • user skills in cloud computing services, such as AWS;
  • expertise in big data technologies;
  • experience in using data visualization tools, such as Tableau, and request languages, such as SAS, SQL, and Hive;
  • modular testing and bug fixing skills.

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Mistakes When Choosing Python Developers

Choosing a Python developer to hire, keep in mind that an inexperienced or under-qualified candidate can cost you extra time and money, which can have a negative impact on your product’s time to market. We will now look at the most common mistakes when choosing Python developers.

Passive recruiting

Passive recruiting is when the employer places a Python developer job description on specialized resources and simply waits for submissions and new candidates to start raining on them. Without a doubt, this can be a fair method. But limiting oneself to passive recruiting means missing out on much more efficient approaches. All in all, we’d advise you to recruit wisely if you don’t want to waste time and go through completely random candidates. Active recruiting means monitoring the best applicants on various platforms like, for example, GitHub. Usually, the best option is a mix of passive and active recruiting.

Insufficient expertise check

Any candidate must pass a technical interview. It happens that the employer lacks the necessary technical knowledge, in which case it can make sense to hire a technical lead who will handle the interviews and the development process alike. It is important to check both the practical and theoretical knowledge of the applicants, since intermediate developers may have sufficient practical experience but lack some theory savviness.

Skills evaluation

When assessing the skills of applicants, employers usually pay more attention to the professional skills of developers than to their soft skills – the skills of communicating with colleagues and the team. For example, a lack of social skills and as a result, weak teamwork skills can stall the workflow.

Python Interview Questions

To make the most reasonable choice when hiring a Python developer, you should ask the following Python developer interview questions:

  1. What is your Python experience?
  2. What coding skills do you possess?
  3. At what Python coding jobs have you worked before?
  4. What major issues have you experienced during the development of a project?
  5. What coding risks are you aware of?
  6. How do you solve the major coding issues?

There are also some Python advanced interview questions for senior candidates that you may use:

  1. Can you code with Python both web client-side and web server-side software?
  2. What are the main advantages of using Python in comparison to other coding languages?
  3. Can you write structured-style code via Python?
  4. What tools should you use for modular testing of the Python code?
  5. How do you use massives in Python?
  6. How to find templates and analyze lines in Python best?
  7. How does exception processing work in Python?
  8. What does Python code execution start with?

All of these general and python technical interview questions should help you better identify a truly reliable, knowledgeable Python developer that you can safely hire.

How to Create a Job Offer Template for a Python Position? 

The point that is lost from sight more often while hiring Python programmers is the job offer itself. Searching for a developer, you are more likely to post the offer about python programming jobs in the company on the LinkedIn page, on job sites, and on other platforms where you might find Python developers. But if the offer about python developer jobs is written poorly, your company will look amateurish, which won’t attract senior specialists.

To avoid it, you should include into the job offer description the following points:

  • An accurate job title. You shouldn’t just write “Python developer”, but a more detailed heading. For instance, “Senior Python developer for web project in a logistic startup.”
  • Company presentation. You should give a short description of who you are, what you do, and give some of the reasons to ensure the candidates that you’re a perfect company for them. An important thing is not to overdo it, otherwise, it will look too promotional and dishonest.
  • Technical skills that are necessary. You should be as specific as possible, but also don’t overload the offer with a great number of details. Priorities should be set about the skills ( put them in order, based on the required experience).
  • Desired skills. There could be included other technical skills that you’d like to see in a candidate, but these skills for one reason or the other, you don’t want to put in the list as required ones.
  • Personal skills. Along with technical skills, soft skills are also important. That is the reason why need a dedicated section for them. You should write about them accurately but, avoid clichés such as “proactive team player with a passion for innovation.” While using your own words you show the values of the company you present and the kind of person you’re looking for.

Tips to Take into Account While Looking for Outsourced Python Developers in Ukraine

Because there is a lack of Python expertise in-house, lots of international firms consider contacting offshore tech talent pools. People who are thinking about hiring Python developers in Ukraine may face an issue such as looking for a trustworthy vendor. It’s important to determine precise criteria for choosing a partner for any company that plans to outsource Python development. Among these criteria should be a proven track record, of successfully implemented Python projects and vast proven experience.

We will provide you the list of the top 5 tips for hiring the best Python development team:

  1. Check the technical qualifications of developers
  2. Questions you are asking during the tech interview should be right
  3. Remember about technical puzzles
  4. Take into account the possibility of employing dedicated Python developers
  5. Explore the potential Python development companies

Bottom Line

We have learned how and where to look for Python developers, what key skills they should have, what mistakes to avoid when looking for developers, and what questions to ask in an interview. All this information is quite enough to find the right expert in Python development. But if you need an experienced development team and don’t want to bother with endless searches, feel free to contact us. We handle software projects of any scale and complexity, at reasonable costs, and the highest quality of service tailored to you individually.

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