Skills Required For Marketing In 2020

Artur Shepel
on March 18, 2020
3 min read

There are thousands and thousands of marketers in the world today, promising to help your business reach the top of your industry. When choosing a dedicated development company offering marketing, there are many skills you should prioritize to ensure you’re getting the best results possible.

Whether you’re looking for outsourcing services solely in marketing or want a broader team for your brand, these are skills you should check for.

Fantastic Communication Skills

Any successful marketing campaign is dependent on offering a clear message to your customers in the most appropriate tone. When we say communication, this applies to writing, digital channels, and verbal speaking. Being capable of visual and technological communication will help a marketer understand each stage of the marketing process.

Firm Grasp on Analytics

The dedicated development company you choose should be educated and capable of using a wide range of analytic tools such as HubSpot, Google Analytics, Marketo, Tag Manager, and more. Marketing decisions today need to be driven by data and metrics that correlate with key performance indicators and campaign goals. The various forms of analytics tools can make it simple and straightforward to track how a campaign is going.

Excellent Writing and Storytelling Ability

Anyone you trust with outsourcing services should be adept at web publishing. This starts with understanding the difference between a landing page, a blog, gated content, and other pages. However, marketers also need to know how to tell a great story. Any top marketer will be able to create and publish content while staying involved in the content strategy process.

Problem Solving Skills and Ability to Critically Think

If you think back to college, you might remember what an emphasis was put on critical thinking skills. There is a good reason for that, especially in the world of marketing. Marketing is sharing a message, but that’s not everything it includes. Marketing also means understanding how and why something works or doesn’t. Having problem-solving skills will help when something unexpected happens and the person offering outsourcing services needs to change directions quickly.

Experience with Digital Advertising

Traditional advertising is a very different thing from digital advertising. When we talk about digital advertising, there’s a need to understand things like remarketing and Google AdWords. Remarketing is an important skill for a marketer when used in the right way. It uses a system of programmatic buying to display ads on various websites.

Experience with Modern Tools, Channels, and Platforms

An important thing for any dedicated development company is adapting to change. New tools, new platforms, and new channels are being implemented on a regular basis, and knowing how to use them is crucial. An excellent marketer will know how to leverage multiple social media channels, apps, and websites to bring brand recognition.

At Deventor, we offer a wide range of services, including modern marketing provided by experienced professionals. We pride ourselves in helping businesses like yours grow and reach a larger audience so your company can succeed. You can learn more at our website or reach out with questions.

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