Eсommerce SEO Problems: Reasons Your Site Isn’t Top 1 on Google

Today many e-commerce stores are created on a daily basis at platforms such as Shopify, WordPress, Amazon, or else. Not every store becomes successful, and most of them appear to be as failed. As a result, the owners lose all the investment they’ve made in website design and development. According to the Statista report, global e-commerce sales were more than $2800 Billion in 2018-19, and that’s why it’s been taken seriously in the present market scenario.

Store owners try different marketing channels to make their products appear, and when it comes to a search engine, Google is the major player in the market. So, ideally, it needs to be necessary that your e-commerce business will do potentially well on Google.

An e-commerce store is the best way to build revenue with very little overhead as long as you have the right strategy and plan in hand. What can be more impressive than you can actually generate sales around the clock at a global level without any staff?

If you’re having fewer sales or gaining less from your e-commerce business, then you should know that the e-commerce landscape isn’t slowing down. There is something you’re missing. So, here are the top eCommerce SEO problems that may be the reason why your online business isn’t growing on Google.

Poor Images and Product Descriptions

When people shop online, they don’t have the option to pick up the product and test it. They’re bound to rely on the images you provide, along with whatever description you have.

If you have fewer sales, then maybe it is because you’re using shoddy photos or rely solely on technical descriptions. That’s why you’re losing a lot of sales because you’ll fail to generate visitor’s interest in your products.
To overcome this, display your products from multiple angles, with high-quality pictures, and create unique descriptions that show buyers the value of the products and how they can benefit from them.

Poor SEO

Today most e-commerce store owners, especially startups, do not consider the importance of SEO and end up failing. If you wish to turn your small business into a brand, then SEO is one of the key factors that can make your dream come true. It’s not wrong in saying that Google is the only way to reaching out to your targeted traffic globally and locally. If you do not come up with a strong SEO plan, it is might possible that your business is going to lose out on thousands of potential customers, and you count yourself in one of those businesses that are unable to survive in the current market.

SEO is not something you can manage on your site by putting in some effort. As a marketing discipline, SEO continues to get even more complicated as Google’s search algorithms get more complex and change frequently. Hence, finding the best SEO Services for your site is more than necessary. The right bet is to find a reliable organization and utilize their SEO Services to make your site as Google wants it for its users. Deventor provides quality SEO Services that implement only by considering Google’s best practices and white hat techniques. For full picture understanding, you can check out our guide The 33 Most Important Google Ranking factors.

The Design Is Not up to the Mark

Imagine, you walk in to store that is physically present and charming from inside out. Chances are you’ll shop from there sooner or later as it puts a brilliant first impression on you. When it comes to e-commerce stores, the same concept applies as you have to WOW your visitors with your website presentation and visuals. A website represents the organization backing behind the screen, so it needs to be user-friendly that provide visitors with one of the best experiences and feels.

You can make your visitors feel comfortable with quality content that should be with an excellent coloring scheme and easily understandable. If your website cannot attract visitors, it’s simply cannot generate more revenue!

If you are dealing with fewer sales, then think about your website design if it has proper navigation for both mobile and web visitors. You should know that more than 80% of shoppers search the web using their mobile devices. If your online store has tiny buttons, small product images, and complex designs with bad visuals, then it can make navigation incredibly tricky and will urge consumers to try other websites.

That is why you must hire a web development agency that can help you make a site that can WOW your consumer. Visit Deventor website development services because we consider your website’s design as your topmost priority.

You’re Targeting the Wrong Audience

You may be spending time and money on content marketing or ad campaigns that aren’t generating any leads. If that is the case, then you’re targeting the wrong audience.

Make sure to do your research on the audience’s behavior and interest in order to market on the right platforms. Chances are you will start generating leads.

Slow Load Times

Today we are not living in the past days of dial-up internet when it was normal to wait for minutes for web pages to load. Even a few seconds delay can be the reason for your website’s cart emptiness.

According to Shopify analysis, websites can lead to negative brand perception if they take more time to load. The analysis was purely based on the consumers’ tend and behavior.

Well, boosting your website speed is not a night task, but there are few simple tips you can use to see better results quickly.

But before this, we recommend you to check your site’s speed by using Google’s PageSpeed Insights tool.

The smart Google tool will not only measure your speed, but it also provides an actionable guide to optimize your website.

One of the prime ways to keep your site speed efficient is only to use the essential features for your online store.

Once you filter the essentials of your site, you may start removing unnecessary images, code, spaces, etc.

You can also use a content delivery network (CDN) for managing images, videos, and other multi-media while dealing with an e-commerce store that has massive products to display.

Using CDN service can be a great idea because it is always better to have a global network of servers rather than to use a server in one location. It will help you a lot to cut load times.

Also, for a startup, it’s a PRO tip to leverage accelerated mobile pages when possible.

Poor Inventory Management

Inventory management is not about uploading products in bulk and wait for customers to buy it. Depending on the niche, inventory management can be one of the tough tasks that new e-commerce store owners may face.

From selecting the right products to displaying them respectively, it requires the right strategy and plans if you want visitors to navigate your products.

For example, you must present your best products right on the top with great visuals and compelling content.

You Are Not Able to Retain Old Customers

Most store owners spend all their resources on acquiring new customers, which is not always work! According to a study, it costs x5 times to reach new customers than retaining existing ones.

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos says:

“If you do build a great experience, customers tell each other about that.”

So establishing a strong customer retention strategy is something that can fill the gap in your revenue. Otherwise, you will end up spending money trying to bring in one-time shoppers.

You can retain customer retention by analyzing your customer feedback regularly. For this, you have to ask them for feedback and keep them happy by offering discounts or something. It will increase the chances that they will continue to shop at your e-commerce store in the future.

The Importance of SSL

Although, speed and use of SSL itself is a part of SEO strategy filtering down key points might be easy for you to grab. So one of the last things we want to discuss is the need for using SSL on your entire website.

We have discussed a lot in our blogs that Google simply wants to bring the website on top that provides a dream user experience that involves security best practices too.

Google is focusing more on SSL when it comes to SEO. Previously SSL certificates were costly and challenging to obtain. Currently, they are one of the easiest to get online as most web hosts can install them for you in their package. However, you can look into the Let’s Encrypt service that offers free SSL certificates based on your needs.

Too Much Competition

Remember, you are not the only one with your store over the internet as it’s a land of opportunities for even the smallest of businesses. At the same time, it is a reality that most online startups unable to survive in the current market competition.

It often happens when new e-commerce stores try to sell the same products that are offered by well-reputed retailers.

Imagine you start an e-commerce business to sell Microsoft’s Xbox, which is already available at hundreds of online retailers such as Walmart, Amazon, GameSpot, Newegg, and many more. Chances are you end up with fewer or even no sales unless you invest something in paid campaigns. So try to sell something unique or at least offer your customers something they love to have.

Lack of Collaboration between SEO and SEM Teams

E-commerce site owners probably try PPC campaigns at least once in their business to boost sales. Well-paid campaigns are necessary in order to grow and reach more people quickly, unlike SEO that takes some time to show the result.

After when Google makes use of its secure search feature, for the most part, SEO has not been able to see the queries that drive traffic organically. Tools such as Analytics are identified under the token “not provided.” Now, smart algorithms have made it challenging to perform keyword research without additional resources.

Honestly, even the most skilled SEOs are going to encounter keywords that are nearly impossible to rank organically, such as a competitor’s brand name.

So, Pay Per Click helps you fill this gap providing immediate results.
Although combining SEO and SEM efforts might be a difficult and tough task initially when starting things off, but in the long run, it can do more even from your dreams.

Ignoring Mobile UX and UI

Your UX and UI can be the bone of contention between your e-commerce success. In 2019, mobile gained momentum as the leader of potential web traffic. Google has also, made this official for sites, that they must prepare a well site navigation for mobile users in order to achieve true SEO success and ranking.

So if your store isn’t performing well on Google, then see if you are one of those businesses which ignore the importance of mobile optimization.

Final Thoughts

The above guide was not about making you demotivated! Just because an e-commerce business has many moving parts to look after, it doesn’t mean making your site efficient, or SEO friendly is impossible. You can make SEO simple and sound by keeping two components:

Content Quality
Website Usability

All Google wants from your website is that it delights its users. So that’s why adding value to your website becomes important. A well-managed e-commerce site involves a two-pronged approach.

Focusing on the technical and practical sides of website management

On the practical side, focus on educating your audience through quality materials. While on the technical side, remember that Google emphasizes usability, such as speeds, simple linking, and descriptive metadata.

Always keep in mind that making an e-commerce store successful is not a one-day task. It requires strong planning & implementation, keeping up with the current market trends, and staying in touch with your competitors. The tips mentioned above will help you get more from your e-commerce store, so try them NOW or contact us if you need any consultancy for FREE!

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