IT Staff Augmentation

IT staff augmentation services help companies scale their development capacity faster and therefore open up new opportunities for growth in a matter of weeks.

Avoid staff shortage risks

If you need additional talent to extend the team or your current employee has to leave the project due to particular circumstances, we will quickly help to find you a proper professional whenever you want. Thus, with our competent assistance, you will avoid losses and the development process won't be broken.

Reduce overhead costs

We are responsible for providing specialists with a workplace equipped with everything necessary. Since you don’t have to worry about managing, you significantly lower hiring costs and reduce project downtime. So, you get employees with the required skills and save budget at the same time.

Get access to quality talent

We provide access to an extensive pool of qualified talent. Due to strict hiring standards, we hire top of the market. Additionally, you get flexibility of scaling your team up and down whenever necessary. With a simple recruiting process, you receive vetted candidates that perfectly match your company’s needs.

What we do

add new developers
We add new developers to your team

In case you need to extend your team by hiring highly-qualified developers, we will assist you in finding the right fit employees. From our extensive talent pool, we will provide you the resumes of people with hard and soft skills required for your project. Thus, you get an opportunity to personally choose and easily hire employees.

handle all processes
We handle all administrative and organizational processes

We take responsibility for the staff’s daily administration routines, such as providing employees with software and equipment, managing their payrolls, accounting, and legal documentation. We also hold team-building and leisure activities. Thus, you are able to pay much more attention to the essential business tasks and save expenses.

We monitor the developers' efficiency

The crucial point of an efficient development process is endless monitoring. While using the staff augmentation model, your main focus is on business needs. From our side, we are monitoring hired developers’ performance while you save time, expenses as well as increase productivity.

We ensure ongoing support

We provide continuous support in case there are any issues or changes and ensure your and employees’ data are secure. We are aimed to ensure successful cooperation which will assist in having the project completed based on specification and deadlines.

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Our Approach

Cost-efficient cooperation model

We help companies to get a high-quality product while reducing development costs.

Result-driven workflow

We adjust to even rapidly-changing requirements in order to meet business needs.

Latest technology orientation

Following innovative development trends allows us to create highly effective products.

How We Work

requirements analysis
We analyze your requirements

After getting the details of the candidates you are looking for, we review it, analyze and from our current talent pool select the candidates with required specifications who will fit your project best.

You get resumes and interview candidates

At this stage, we provide the resumes of applicants who are appropriate as per your requirements. You conduct the interview to ensure they are the right-fit professionals you are looking for joining the team.

We help to integrate with new team members

After being approved, selected developers join your team. Our experts do their best to make the onboarding process as fast and comfortable as possible and also solve any emerging administrative issues.

You start the development process

This is the final stage. During the cooperation, the developers will be involved in internal processes like any other members and will become full-fledged team players. From our side, you get continuous support.

Medical/DNA sequencing software

Client: DNA (Miami, Florida)

Year:: March 2022 - Current

Project Domain: MedTech

Collaboration Model: Discovery + Task Force

Capacity 16

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