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Analytics application for Amazon vendors and sellers

Amalyze Shield – Analytics web application for Amazon vendors and sellers.


Migrate old angularjs 1.6 project to angular 2+ with expending functionality.
Solution was to stop extending fully developed, but hardly supportable and extendable application and write new one on ng2+, while leaving old one in live. On some point we had 2 applications live – some clients we used to old one, some liked new one as it had better UX and UI.

– Deeply customisable and highly flexible datatable solution for our needs.
– Draggable and fully responsive dashboard builder, ability to have multiple dashboard. Sharable data needed for few dashboard items (f.e. metrics, filters).
– ~20 charts of many types (responsive)
– Custom date range picker with shared logic across whole app.
– Communication with JS extension.
– Multistep adv campaign creation flow
– Complex client/user logic (auth checks, user data stored on back-end and sync with client if needed).


Migrate angular.js 1.4 web application to Angular 2+, extend functionality (5x more features comparing to originals)

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    Amalyze AG