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Selected work

Analytics web application for Amazon vendors and sellers
Amalyze AG

Fitness and yoga training sessions over live video with private coach and over online conferences
Livekick Inc.

Payment platform for online businesses and payment institutions

Corporate website and blog
NCTA — The Internet & Television Association

Whether you plan to develop software from scratch, or expand your existing business capacity, you need exceptional specialists.

We have all the resources that can make it convenient for you to work with us and enlarge your business with a swift response time to any development and process modifications.

Dedicated teams

Team extension

Modern and fastest way to hire the right dedicated professional software developers

  • 1-month trial period that can be terminated at any time on a valid reason
  • A start with single full-time engineer during 48-72 hours with 6+ months commitment
  • Predictable transparent monthly budget
  • We provide professional supervision from the start of the developer’s work ensuring you get a top-quality software product.
Dedicated Team/ Delivery Center

Effective roles and responsibilities are distributed amongst the right people to get the best results for your company

  • When it comes to long-term projects, we offer a +/-5% churn rate. This allows the team to acquire a valuable project and professional experience
  • We’re committed to putting in the work, creating an on-site collaborative environment, in which our team is employed in the chosen workplace, and affiliate themselves with your organization.
  • Focus on the business aspects of growing your brand through delegating enginee- ring to Deventor
Hybrid Team/
Delivery Center

Exceptional resource allocation to double your company's value, as the team works both in your offices and in our development centers

  • A modern level of communication with our team, as they get integrated with your work culture and organisation vision.
  • Fully acknowledged engineering decisions, as our professionals work in your HQ and possess in-depth business knowledge.
  • Hybrid teams are proven to be cost-efficient in contrast with keeping only the in-house team under your roof.

How Dedicated teams work



We go through a discovery session to understand your business goals, target milestones and technical architecture



We define the roles and ideal profiles for the dream team that is needed to meet the goals



We pitch team spots to the select engineers who are the right fit and who are ready to commit to the team for many years



We introduce you to the candidates so that you can meet each other and both parties can decide if there is a cultural fit



Once the team is staffed, it starts producing value through lean startup iterations with weekly demos and shipments to prod

Dedicated teams are great for

Adding brainpower to in-house teams

Speeding up product development (2x more features for the budget

Reaching external expertise in technology and rare talent

Faster hiring and staffing

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