Hire Top Angular Developers

Hire dedicated Angular developers that will perfectly fit the project requirements and help to achieve market-defining results. From a wide pool of Ukrainian developers, we handpick only the best Angular specialists to make our clients’ businesses flourish.


Angular projects develivered

We have vast experience in projects development of any size and complexity, having implemented dozens of business-pushing solutions across industries and niches.


Angular developers on board

We have access to a great talent pool that has been formed and organized during years of operation in the field, offering you a flexible choice of professionals at reasonable rates.


Years on the market

We are your trustworthy provider whether it comes to short-term or long-term collaboration goals with a quality guarantee and qualifications that lead the market.


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How We Work

To achieve the smoothest collaboration, we take things stage by stage, helping you easily hire top talents and perfectly fitting specialists. All you need to do is go through a couple of easy steps.

Share requirements

First, we need you to provide specified requirements that outline the list of hard and soft skills and qualities you are looking for in your perfect candidate.

Get suitable candidates

Based on your requirements, we individually pick the best fitting candidates, make a list of their contact info, and share it with you for further analysis.

Interview and hire developers

You may now choose Angular developers for hire from the tailored list and start interviewing preferred specialists - we can provide expert guidance to help you.

Kick off the workflow

Having settled with the best fitting candidates, you are free to introduce them to your workflow and launch a project with them - we may assist you here, too.

Get ongoing support

Surely, we are fully responsible for the candidates we provide, which is why we offer ongoing support to help prevent issues and optimize workflow where possible.


Why Hire Our Angular Developers?

Do you need to bridge the gap, mend the flaw, or fill in the lack of expertise? Or kick off a new project from scratch in the most efficient yet reasonably priced way? We help tackle these goals and more with individually picked, highly qualified professionals at your disposal.
Field-honed expertise

We provide Angular programmers that have been gaining field experience and eagerly honing skills and qualifications for years to deliver top-of-the-line results.

Well-adjusted workflow

With the extensive specialized background, our specialists can jump into your project right away and rapidly find their way around all underlying processes.

Trademark values

We value our reputation more than dubious compromises or cost savings, which is why we include only well tried-and-tested candidates in our pool of available candidates.

Faster time-to-market

Get an immediate injection of required expertise to accelerate all the underlying processes and boost your usual time-to-market without going far or paying too much.

Access to technology

Hiring a specialist we offer from the pool, you also get fast and easy access to advanced technologies and tools necessary to achieve the top results in your line of work.

Cost-efficient options

Our specialists are cheaper to hire yet may pose a decent competition to the best professionals of the West, helping you save costs without sacrificing quality.


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Angular Development Services We Provide

Front-end development

Easily hire Angular developers to create from scratch or optimize already existing frontends that can grab the attention, please the eye, and satisfy all the TA’s functional needs at the same time.

Enterprise-level solutions

We can source the power to streamline enterprise-grade performance by finding for your talents to build complex, in-depth customized platforms with a range of underlying workflow features and tools.

Cross-platform apps

Our specialists may also put the versatility and power of Angular at the heart of a cross-platform application that will help you target several audiences of users without investing in several solutions.

ERP and CRM with Angular

Are you looking to boost business resource planning and achieve a new level of customer relations success? A custom ERP or CRM platform will help you to do that in the most authentic way possible.

Migration to Angular

Hire Angular developers from a pool that stood the test of time to leave your legacy resources behind and move to Angular - a flexible technology that streamlines performance while saving costs.

Angular consultation

Need professional input concerning any of the above solutions? We have qualified experts waiting to share their knowledge and consult your existing specialists on all Angular-related matters.


Frequently Asked

How to pick the best fitting candidate?
The task can be extremely challenging if tackled single-handedly, but that’s what we are here for. We take all the responsibility for providing the best individually fitting candidates for your projects. All you need to do is provide specific, clear requirements - a lot depends on their consistency and detail.
How long does it take to hire a specialist?
This depends on who exactly you are looking for, but at Deventor we value your business time and take no more than 2-3 business days to formulate a list of the best-fitting candidates for your workflow.
Can I hire people for ongoing projects?
Yes, whatever part of the project you need to be completed - we have specialists with skills to get them done in the most hassle-free way. For this, we offer ongoing support, consultations, and expert guidance through all the specifics of managing newly-hired specialists.
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