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Large-scale apps building becomes not rocket science if TypeScript developers get down to business. They deliver great user interfaces since perfect frontend development is what TypeScript is famous for. We provide a wide choice of professional TypeScript developers capable of meeting any challenge, whatever sophisticated your development project can be.


apps built with Typescript

Customization is a mantra for modern business. Our TypeScript developers create highly-customized apps of the industrial scale. The true professionals face no constraints in meeting any of your requirements and expectations.


Typescript developers

Meticulous screening of all candidates helps us offer the most appropriate TypeScript developer to your IT teams. Prequalification matters, so no random people can appear on your staff to indulge in wishful thinking.


years of Typescript experience

Success is largely determined by hands-on experience. Our TypeScript developers have been immersed in building complex apps for years and years. They know all tips and tricks of TypeScript to satisfy all the desires of your future users.


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Our Process

Want to hire highly qualified TypeScript developers?

You share the requirements

Knowing the skills and competencies that customers expect from our TypeScript developers is critical. Share the ideal image of the specialists you would like to see in your IT department to provide us with guidance in our screening process.

We provide suitable candidates

After a deep analysis of your expectations, we select only those candidates that fully comply with your requirements. Our database of TypeScript developers is large enough not to offer random people, so we vouch for every team member.

You interview and hire developers

Better once to see than hundred times to hear. You can meet your future employees via personal interviews. Our TypeScript developers will answer all your questions to prove that you make the right choice. Hiring is usually tough, but it isn’t so with our assistance.

You start workflow

Our TypeScript developers start bringing value to your business as soon as you hire them. They don’t require lengthy onboarding since each of them is an experienced pro. Just let them join your workflow to boost your development process.

You get ongoing support

We never leave our customers without 24/7 support. It happens not because we hesitate about the staff we deliver, but to share full responsibility for the outcomes of our service. This is an element of true partnership that we always seek to establish with our customers.


Reasons to Hire Our Typescript Developers

We provide businesses with savvy Typescript developers to create scalable and responsive applications aimed to generate high revenue. Here are the reasons why you should enhance your digital presence with the help of robust solutions from the Deventor Typescript programmers.
Practical knowledge

We know everything about hiring software development professionals. Dozens of former and current customers provide us with such practical knowledge. We make no mistake in supplying customers with professional TypeScript developers due to the extensive knowledge and practical expertise we have in this segment.

Reliable approach

Years of hands-on recruiting let us develop a reliable approach to hiring TypeScript developers. We continuously scan the local labor market in search of highly skilled experts. Also, we have our formula for how to meet the expectations of our clients. In the relationships with both developers and customers, our approach has never let us down.

Corporate values

Businesses are different but corporate values are shared across many sectors. We always try to grasp the values of our customers to select TypeScript developers with the most appropriate soft and hard skills. Thanks to the sufficient labor resource, we can find specialists who ideally fit your project.

Professional expertise

Prequalification of our TypeScript developers would fail unless our recruiting experts had deep expertise in both programming and team building. We know how to distinguish true professionals from posers. We make all candidates pass through various testing procedures from face-to-face interviews to spontaneous coding.

Rich selection

We never suffer from a lack of TypeScript developers: Eastern Europe is traditionally rich with programmers of various qualifications. The average educational level of the local graduates is high enough to let them continuously swell the rank of high-class programmers. The only challenge is to select specialists individually for every project.

Continuous support

We take care of each TypeScript developer hired for our customers. This is about the continuous support and assistance we provide to spare our customers from organizational and managerial issues. Your development team can be augmented with new programmers whenever requested. Changing the existing specialists for different ones is no problem as well.


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Our Typescript Development Services

Enterprise app development

TypeScript fits building large-scale apps as little else does. Our TypeScript developers can effectively facilitate your enterprise development project with top-notch coding skills.

Web app development

Sophisticated web apps become easy to create when professional TypeScript developers add their expertise to the business. Using TypeScript for web app development is becoming a trend nowadays.

TypeScript app development

Cost-efficient development and errorless operation are typical characteristics of the apps created with TypeScript. Hire our TypeScript developers to create up-to-date apps of any complexity.

TypeScript consultation

Our TypeScript developers provide professional consultations on the technology in addition to their hands-on coding. Any TypeScript issue you may face can hardly stump our experienced consultants.

Maintenance & support

Both ongoing projects and former ones require regular maintenance to run correctly. Our TypeScript developers provide continuous support and maintenance for your apps, no matter their origins.

JS to TS migration

Migration from JavaScript to TypeScript makes sense when using modern open-source language resonates with what you expect from efficient project development. Our TypeScript developers provide seamless JS to TS migration at any stage of your software development life cycle.


Some friends
we’ve made in the process

We are proud of our TypeScript developers not for nothing. Dozens of our customers have already left their grateful feedback for our services. Check their testimonials to make sure that our specialists are worth hiring.
River Martinez


“We’d been looking for savvy Angular developers that wouldn’t need much onboarding and would just jump into the ongoing project, which the guys we hired as a result did without hindering a single process. Thanks a lot!”

Anna Durham


“You can see that the guys know their deal - ever since we started working with selected candidates, we’ve been looking at rising profits and declining labor costs. Which is exactly what many businesses are hoping to achieve today.”

Viktor Andreev

Project Manage

“Our team had a set of specific tasks and we simply lacked the expertise to handle them. Angular developers we hired with the help of Deventor were picked especially to work with those specific tasks. That was exactly what we were looking for - nothing more, nothing less.”

Abu Norton

HR Manager

“It’s difficult to avoid employee turnover and hire truly qualified specialists from the get-go, but Deventor showed us that it is quite possible. The main selling point for us was immediate access to the tools we needed and the skills to wield them. We got just that with Deventor.”

Claude Brook


“Up until we decided to try Deventor’s hiring services, our managers had been bombarded with stuff they barely specialized in. With these guys by our side, we managed to fill in the spaces pretty fast and effortlessly.”


Frequently Asked

How can your TypeScript developers add value to my project?
Every project is unique, and your one is no exception. That’s why individually selected TypeScript developers matter. They can do just what is expected and paid. We practice a stringent screening process to find the most appropriate developers for your project. They are the professionals who require almost zero onboarding to be integrated into your workflow. Our TypeScript programmers will add their deep expertise to your project from the first day.
What is your TypeScript development service?
We offer various types of TypeScript development services. Our TypeScript developers are highly skilled professionals capable of creating any sort of large-scale application. This is not about TypeScript apps only: web apps, cloud apps, and migration from different technologies to TS are also included. Besides, we provide professional consulting to help you handle any TypeScript issue you may face. Dedicated teams of experienced TypeScript developers are always at your disposal.
Do you provide ongoing support for your customers?
Since we always seek to establish a long-term partnership with all our customers, we never leave them without 24/7 support and assistance. Even though all our TypeScript developers are experienced professionals, various managerial and organizational issues may arise along the development process. This is our duty to spare customers from such matters. Either team augmentation or changing an already hired programmer for another one is never the thing that bothers our customers: we arrange everything on our own with no interference in their workflows.
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