Remote Team Communication: Insights and Practices

Artur Shepel
on March 18, 2020
3 min read

Over the last few decades, remote employment has become more commonplace. With digital technology improving on a regular basis, contracting and employing individuals from around the globe is easier than ever. If you’re hiring a software development firm in a remote location, being able to properly communicate with them is essential. We have some tips to help you with the process.

Start By Setting Expectations

When you bring in remote workers for MMP development or some other project, the first thing you should do is establish communication guidelines for these workers. Take time to talk to them about which calls they will need to be involved with and how quickly you expect them to respond to emails. When you have a structure in place, it can prevent additional problems later on.

Ensure Everyone Uses the Same Technology

When you have multiple communication technology options, it can be confusing and overwhelming for everyone. However, finding one option that works for everyone is often easier than you might expect. Be sure that both your employees in-house and your remote software development firm use the same product suite. You should also make sure everyone knows the purpose of the tools, especially when working together on projects.

Prevent Miscommunication Problems

It may be impossible to remove all miscommunication using digital tools, but knowing common mistakes is an excellent start. Take time to pay attention to spelling, wording, phrasing, and tone. If you need to have a conversation about something that might not work well with the written word, don’t forget that you have other options. You can always make a video call or pick up the phone for a few minutes to chat with the other parties.

Provide Easy Access to Data

It makes complete sense to have a selection of security features to prevent data breaches from people outside of your business or organization. However, it is also crucial that your IT department has set up the ability for all workers to access data remotely from any repositories that you typically use. This creates a single source for documents and information that on-site and remote workers can share.

Schedule Occasional One-on-One Meetings

Having an occasional one-on-one meeting with your remote employees is another crucial aspect of great communication. It helps you ensure that the entire team is on the same page. This could be anything from a weekly video conference to a short phone call. It will give you the chance to offer feedback, and your contractor can bring up any concerns they have. If your remote workers are at a reasonable distance of the business, you may also want to set up in-person meetings every few months or even once a year.

If you need a great software development firm or are looking for MMP development for your business, remote teams can offer what you need. Deventor provides all of these services along with branding, design, marketing, and more. We’d be happy to talk to you about our services and how we can help you succeed.

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